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Rosanne Longo
by Rosanne Longo on Jan 3, 2013 10:17:00 AM

roseannelongo1-1-1.jpgSometimes people are surprised to find out that there is a real family behind the Longo’s name.  Tommy, Joe and Gus started Longo’s in 1956, and there continues to be many family members working everyday (as well as the third generation beginning their journeys) in the food business.  Rosanne Longo is incredibly proud of her heritage—but she is also your average, working mom.  She is married with two kids; works full-time, and depending on the season—spends her time running the kids to baseball, dance, and/or hockey, or is on the run to her own hockey games!  Contrary to what most people think, there are times when she has her whole week of meals planned out, and then there is most of the time—when she has no clue what’s for dinner.

Sound familiar?

“We all lead busy lives.  We’re busy working (both inside and outside the home), we’re busy raising children, grandchildren (and parents LOL), and we’re busy trying to figure out, “what’s for dinner?”  For me, home cooking does not mean “gourmet cooking.”  Truth be told, I like to cook, but I focus on meals that look and taste like I have been cooking all day. Let’s make one thing clear.  I am not a certified chef.  In fact, I’m not a chef by any definition.  My definition of being a “foodie” is having a passion for food and eating.  Although I do not speak Italian, “mangia” is probably my favourite Italian word.  Growing up in an Italian family and in the food business, you could say that as a Longo, having a passion for food is in my blood. Fresh Traditions represents a sense of celebration of all things food and an appreciation for the extraordinary in the ordinary for people who share a passion and love of family, food and friends.  The purpose is to share relatable stories and occasions (sometimes about food, sometimes not) with each other. I believe the simple things in life can truly bring the greatest source of happiness.  Whether that be the taste of the first Honey Crisp apples of the season, the satisfaction of whipping together a meal in less than 30 minutes and having someone ask for seconds,  or how a simple gesture like throwing the kids jammies in the dryer before bedtime can positively change a routine and bring joy.  These little things in life bring a smile to my face.
I look forward to sharing stories and hope that Fresh Traditions can bring a smile to your face.”

– Rosanne Longo

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Rosanne Longo
Written by Rosanne Longo

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Rosanne Longo
By Rosanne Longo - January 3, 2013