Tossware Glasses
(Wine and Beer)

Shatterproof and recyclable luxury disposable cups perfect for any event. Get the feel of a true wine or beer glass while making sustainable choices for the Earth.

$9.97  3 or 4 pack

Longo’s Signature Muffuletta

This olive antipasto is savoury, addictive and
oh-so-versatile. We love it spread on burgers
and sandwiches, or mixed in pasta. Yum.  

$4.99  500 mL jar



Longo’s Signature
Mango & Passion Fruit
Gelato Sorbet

Prepare to be wowed by this distinctive
mango-passion fruit flavour. It’s imported from
Italy, made with 40% fruit – and refreshingly

$4.99  473 mL tub

OXO Instant Read
BBQ Thermometer

Skip the guesswork on the grill with this
stainless steel thermometer that stabilizes
quickly to give you accurate readings
a rush. 

$14.99 each


Jolly Mountain Cedar
BBQ Scraper

Safely and easily clean your BBQ without worrying about stainless steel bristles getting in your food. Made from kiln-dried, eco-friendly cedar, this durable tool will last for years. 

$19.99 each

Watermelon Slicer
& Server

Cut juicy melon away from the rind with easy,
swift movements and serve it in
style with this 2-in-1 stainless steel tool. 

$11.99 each


Urban Accents
Seasoning Blends

Serving up impressive roasted veggies
and grilled corn is a whole lot easier with these delicious seasoning blends, meant to
make vegetables the star of the barbecue.

$6.97  35-102 g pkg

Nuts for Cheese
Vegan Cheese

Lovingly handcrafted in Ontario, these vegan cheeses are made from organic cashew milk that’s traditionally fermented to produce delicious wedges and spreads.

$12.99 120 g pkg