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Three sweet reasons to grill your desserts

by Longo's on Aug 7, 2015 7:29:48 AM

We may be a little grill-crazy at Longo's this summer, but I'm OK with that. Grilling means spending time in my backyard with family and friends, and there's nothing sweeter than that. Well, almost nothing. ;)

The grilling season wouldn't be complete without something a little hot and sweet served right off the grill for dessert. The coals are already hot, and there's no need to make an indoor mess or heat up the house. Plus, we have all kinds of in-season fruit just begging for a smoky, caramelized makeover. How can I resist?

Reason #1 - Grilled brown sugar peaches. Juicy ripe Ontario peaches glazed with sugar? Bring it on.

Grilled brown sugar peaches (click image for recipe)

Grilled brown sugar peaches (click image for recipe)

Reason #2 - Grilled Hazelnut S'mores. Don't wait for an evening campfire with a collection of sticky twigs, pop these summer classics right off the grill.

Grilled Hazelnut S'mores

Grilled Hazelnut S'mores (click image for recipe)

Reason #3 - Deconstructed Grilled Shortcake. Angel food cake just got a whole lot more interesting. Plump local strawberries, fresh white cake plus an optional splash of orange liqueur on a stick. Yum! (Try drizzling the skewers with Maple Syrup for the PG version.)


Deconstructed Grilled Shortcake (click image for recipe)

Deconstructed Grilled Shortcake (click image for recipe)

Add a sweet (and delicious) finish to your next grilling adventure. :)

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