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Tea Time

by Jennifer-Foodie on May 8, 2015 6:55:48 AM

I find tea is one of those things that’s always the right fix, no matter the time—whether it’s enjoyed steaming hot on a snowy, bitter cold or a rainy day, or cooled over ice on a sunny day. So, with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, why not steep a little of this tea-rrific, aromatic drink into your celebration with the special woman (or women) in your life? It goes great with breakfast in bed, Sunday Brunch or as an afternoon treat. Longo’s has a variety of loose-leaf teas available to choose from at our Aromate Café.

9223701 blog spot of tea


And no tea time is complete without dainty and delicious finger sandwiches and scones!

9223701 blog spot of tea2

9223701 blog spot of tea3

A pot of sweet smelling tea and a pretty plate of bite-sized treats are sure to make mom feel like a queen. Just remember, pinkies up! Wishing all the mom’s out there (and mine especially) a Happy Mother’s Day!

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Written by Jennifer-Foodie

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