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A very, merry, cookie exchange for kids!

by Longo's on Nov 26, 2014 6:53:58 AM

From gift gathering to tree trimming, it’s safe to say you deserve a cookie (or six) this season! And every year around this time, my cookie sheets start to earn their keep. For the last 10 years, my friends and I have held our own little holiday cookie exchange. And since I'm a last minute baker, I tend to dread the task, just a little. (Especially if I need to do 10 dozen or more.) I also like to get creative and experiment with different recipes. Some are never to be repeated, for example the cookies I 'created' several years back, affectionately referred to forevermore as the Tang/Skor cookie incident of 2010. Since then, I stick to the tried and true recipes, and Longo's has a plethora for me to choose from.

This year, we thought we'd mix it up a bit and also host a family cookie exchange for our kids. My kids have always enjoyed getting involved in my holiday baking extravaganzas (more than just licking the spoons from 10 dozen batches) so this year we're putting them in charge. It’s a delicious and inexpensive way to share the holiday spirit with friends and family!

There’s something deeply satisfying about baking your own holiday gifts and watching the sugared ingredients rise to life in your oven. It's a great reason to be able to spend family time together in our favourite room of the house, and it also instils a sense of pride in accomplishment, and reminds kids about the gift of sharing as their cousins and friends take home their delicious creations. And we all get to walk away with beautiful, edible presents. Now that’s a sweet deal.

Here are some of our favourite cookie recipes over the years, including Longo’s shortbread mother dough, which is a buttery base for incredible cookies and squares that even the most novice baker can wow friends and relatives with! Get those kids baking!

cookies 1cookies 2cookies 3cookies 4cookies 5cookies 6

Find more delicious cookie recipes on our Pinterest page or in our recipe database.

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